The Rhode Island Tactical Officers Association (RITOA)

RITOA Executive Board

The Executive Board of the Rhode Island Tactical Officers Association (RITOA) consists of active, and retired law enforcement personnel.

Executive Board

Insp. Chris Mathiesen, President
Insp. Mathiesen is a veteran of the Warwick PD and was instrumental in the formation of the Warwick PD SWAT Team, the first in the State of Rhode Island. He is Warwick's SWAT Team Commander and a former member of the Rhode Island State Bomb Squad.

Paul Brandley, Vice President
Retired from the Pawtucket Police Department where he served as their Special Response Team Leader, Training Officer, and Public Relations Officer. He is a Tactical Operations Expert and still working in the Tactical Law Enforcement Operations field.

Linda Mathiesen, Secretary/Treasurer
Has many years of experience in computer and clerical support, and is actively involved in the law enforcement community.

David Delbonis, Training Coordinator
Former Training Officer for the RI Municipal Police Academy. A veteran of the Warwick PD, and was the SWAT Team Training Coordinator. He is a certified Firearms Instructor, and an expert in Officer Survival. He is a Training Officer, Range Officer, and an Advanced Physical Fitness Specialist.